Morse Code Translator

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Morse Code Translator

Morse code transmits text to Morse code or decodes Morse code to text. Morse code translator enables anyone to convert a plain text to another language online easily. It uses an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt text characters and then implement them to be understood by an observer or skilled listener.

Who Invented Morse Code?

Samuel F. B. is the inventor of the Morse code in the 1930s. In the 1840s, Samuel F.B. and his assistant, Alfred Lewis Vail, improved the Morse code.

How to use Morse code to text

  • Enter Morse code into the input box using a period (.) and minus sign (-)

  • Morse letters must be separated by one space

  • Three or more rooms must separate Morse words

  • You can use / to separate Morse words. After using each separator, there must be at least one space

The translation will appear in the bottom box. A "#" will indicate if a letter cannot translate into the output box.

How to use Text to Morse Code

  • Type letters, numbers, and punctuation into the text box.

  • The Morse code will show in the bottom box with a "#" if it can’t translate the character

  • You can look for Morse Trainer to learn more about the dashes and dots.

Morse Code Alphabet








































































































































Morse Code Translators Speed and Timing

There are several ways to transmit Morse Code, including flashlight, sounds, mechanical, electrical pulses, etc. An example of Morse Code is pulling a rope during mining rescues. Morse Code was first known as the First Digital Code.

We measure Morse Code speed in words per minute. Words can have different lengths, while letters have different dot lengths. You can accurately measure Morse Code speed by specifying dot duration.

Morse Code Sound, Light & Vibration

The code translator has the “Pause,” “Stop,” “Repeat,” and “Play” playback buttons. In addition, you can select either hear the sound, see the flashlight, or have phone vibration by either use of vibrate, sound, or light options.

The vibrate option appears only on the phone. There are also advanced options to control speed, frequency, or switch between radio sound styles and the telegraph. In the Telegraph mode, download and flashlights do not work.

Morse Code Translator Features

  • Morse English alphabets that get used most have shortcodes to transmit fast than would have letters of equal length

  • The code in the International Morse has English, Latin, and Arabic numerals and procedural signals, and punctuation

  • For every three dots, a space separates letters while seven dots separate words

  • Morse, with a unique alphabet, has various languages

  • The code for Morse works in the mystery geocaching caches, logic puzzles, and CTFs

Morse code translator problems

Morse code translator works well on desktop and mobile with Firefox, Chrome, Edge web browsers, and Safari. They have some sound features (artifacts) where you require a Flash. The common problem is unable to hear sound through speakers for the following device:

iPad, Apple iPad, and iPhone

  • Ensure you plug in the headphones and headphone sockets are clean

  • Switch on the mute ringer button labeled “Ring/Silent” as per these diagrams and ensure no orange color appears within the button

  • If using a new iPad device, swipe up the “soft mute” button from the bottom of the iPad or tap to unmute.

  • In case of a broken mute button on your iPhone, follow the instructions in these videos

Ensure the screen stays on for a tool that has sound. If the screen turns off, the sound will stop.

Android Devices

For the Android device, no need to keep the screen. If the speech is on, the screen will turn off, and the sound will stop. The Morse code translator forces the screen to stay on if you use speech synthesis.

Other Morse code translator problems

Other Morse code translator problems are:

Missing the initial “dit” or “dah.” Some of the reasons include:

  • It takes a long time in some browsers to warm up, and the results clip

  • Cuts out of the conserved energy when not playing and not reconnecting back

You can adjust “the start-up delay” in the advanced timing option in such a case. It will configure the delay between the play button and the first starting sound. It will then start when you select.

When you’re using the Bluetooth headphones, you can use the speaker or wired headphones

The download button is not correctly supported

Missing download button in some Safari versions, you can hold the Option key then save the file as “wav” in the file extension.

International Morse Code

International Morse Code has five elements:

  1. Shorter marks, "dot" or "dit" (.), with length one times

  2. More extended marks, "dash" or "dah" (-), with three times units length

  3. One time unit length for character gaps and between dashes and dots for the characters in the Morse

  4. For the character gap, its length is three-time units

  5. For the gap between the words, its length units are seven times.

The binary also uses the same elements:

  1. Shorter marks, "dit" or "dot" > (.): 1

  2. Longer marks, "dah" or "dash" >(-): 111

  3. The gap in the character between dash and dot for the character in the Morse > 0

  4. The gap between characters > 000

  5. The gap between words > 0000000

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